11/06/2013 02:38 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

In Case You Were Wondering, Here's How To Organize Your Scarves (PHOTOS)

Clos-ette's Melanie Charlton practically invented the idea of a custom closet, so it's only natural that she's always peeking in everyone else's. Follow along every week as Clos-ette taps some of our favorite ladies (and gents!) to find out their favorite boutiques to cull, what's at the top of their wish lists, and, of course, how they keep their own wardrobes in tact.

Scarves provide a splash of color to our outfits, and they're a must-have for the cold weather. But, keeping them organized -- especially when you have dozens of them -- is no easy feat.

One of our favorite strategies? Keep your silk scarves on full display by draping them over a space-saving, shape-saving, and easily accessible specialty bar like our Clos-ette by Nanz hardware.

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