11/07/2013 11:59 am ET Updated Nov 13, 2013

Jon Stewart Calls Out Jay Z Over Barneys Racial Profiling Controversy On 'The Daily Show'

Since news broke of Barney’s alleged racist culture targeting customers, Jay Z has also faced a tremendous amount of backlash stemming from his forthcoming holiday partnership with the luxury retail chain.

Well, now you can add “The Daily Show” to the list of critics who are taking the hip hop mogul to task for his association with Barneys and his response to the store’s recent racial profiling controversy.

During Wednesday night’s show, host Jon Stewart and the show's "Senior Black Correspondent", Larry Willmore, challenged Hov’s current stance following his after his former comments against other issues such as the Zimmerman verdict.

“Jay Z doesn’t care about black people…he doesn’t care about black people who want him to boycott Barney’s and I don’t blame him, John,” Willmore said before adding, “These days Jay Z’s too big of a commercial force to rail against the danger of the man. He is the danger. He is the one who frisks. He’s not Jay Z, he’s Jay Z Penny.”

Check out more of “The Daily Show” segment in the clip above.



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