11/08/2013 08:29 am ET

Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Boulder Road Destroyed In Colorado Flood Rebuilt In Minutes

Although Colorado has dried out from the historic flooding that resulted in the deaths of nine people and over $2 billion in property damage, the rebuilding of the state continues.

Hundreds of miles of roads were washed out by the floodwaters, leaving the state in need of extensive road rebuilding, and an amazing time-lapse video of one repair of a section of road that had completely washed away shows just how daunting that work can be. The nearly four-day rebuild job of North Cedar Brook Road in the Pinebrook Hills mountain community outside of Boulder is compressed into just over three minutes in the video. Watch the time-lapse video from YouTube above.

Crews in Colorado are racing to repair the damaged roads in the state by Dec. 1, before the winter months set in. Some of the repair work on damaged or destroyed roads is temporary in order for people to get back to their homes, but it will be years before some roads are completely rebuilt.

The Colorado Department of Transportation and the National Guard are off to a strong start. Earlier this week, crews completed temporary repairs of U.S. 36 between Lyons and Estes Park and officially reopened the highway nearly one month ahead of the anticipated Dec. 1 deadline, Gov. John Hickenlooper announced via his Facebook page. Even the temporary repairs were a tremendous undertaking, via Facebook:

To complete the temporary repairs along the 17-mile stretch of U.S. 36, crews utilized more than 75 pieces of equipment, hauled 34,200 cubic yards of fill, removed 1,155 feet of guardrail, placed more than 2,100 cubic yards of asphalt and reused 12,690 cubic yards of existing material.



Colorado's Historic Flooding