11/08/2013 11:38 pm ET Updated Nov 09, 2013

Dennis Rodman Seems To Like Kim Jong-Un More Than Kobe Bryant These Days (NSFW VIDEO)

Dennis Rodman apparently doesn't rate Kobe Bryant quite as highly as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un these days.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Rodman can be heard shouting a profane message about Bryant in front of a crowd at the W Hotel in Los Angeles earlier this month.

"Kobe Bryant ... one thing ... f**k him," Rodman can be heard saying in the video. "F**k him. F**k him. I'll say it again, f**k him."

The 52-year-old Hall of Famer played with Bryant on the 1998-1999 Lakers but seems to be far fonder of his more recent acquaintance. Rodman will be putting his basketball expertise to use coaching the North Korean basketball team and organizing a game for Kim's 31st birthday in January.

Rodman recently told The Guardian that Kim is a "good guy"and a "good-hearted kid" while in London promoting that upcoming game.



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