11/08/2013 11:46 am ET

Mika Brzezinski Reads Donny Deutsch Children's Book While He Sits On The Floor (VIDEO)

There's no better sign of a successful interview on "Morning Joe" than when the guest ends up on the floor.

And that's exactly where "Morning Joe" contributor Donny Deutsch wound up on Friday morning as co-host Mika Brzezinski read him the new children's book "Dot." by Facebook's former media executive Randi Zuckerberg.

"Donny, you want me to read you a book?" she asked.

"Yes mommy, please," Deutsch responded while getting out of his chair to come closer.

"It's okay you can sit on the floor, like 'Indian-style,'" Brzezinski instructed him.

But he actually did it. Moments later Deutsch was seated on the floor while Brzezinski read to him, and suddenly we were all back in kindergarten.

"Does anyone else think it's creepy that Donny likes this so much?" guest Nicolle Wallace asked.

Watch the video for this precious moment in its entirety.



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