11/08/2013 11:41 am ET Updated Nov 08, 2013

The Beauty Products New Yorkers Swear By

They don't call New York the "concrete jungle" for nothing. Pounding the pavement in sky-high heels and hailing taxi cabs in scorching heat or freezing temps takes a toll on those who call this city home. But somehow they still manage to look beautiful in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

So we put a call out to our New York Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers (as well as fashionistas Eva Chen, Erika Bearman and Aliza Licht) asking them to share their best beauty secrets and go-to products. Here are 27 of their responses:

1. "Aquaphor for everything, good mascara and avoid huge handbags, as they are bad for your posture and unattractive."

2. "Red lipstick. In bag. At all times. Red lipstick makes any day more glamorous."

3. "Keep nail polish remover wipes in your purse. It's better to have bare nails than chipped nails."

4. "Coconut oil. And Benefit Cosmetics 'They're Real' mascara."

5. "Dior Extase mascara... MAC Russian Red lipstick... My Beauty Blender!!!!!"

6. "Rebel lippie by MAC, Make Up For Ever concealer and Lorac tantalizing bronzer."

7. "Bio-Oil."

8. "Purity by Philosophy cleanser and Urban Decay eye liner."

9. "Aquaphor is the best product for dry or cracked lips and hands, especially in the winter. Great as an under-eye cream at night, too!"

10. "I never go anywhere without clear nail polish, champagne lip gloss, concealer and mini Make Up For Ever HD powder."

11. "Vaseline."

12. "Baking soda facials and Epsom salt soaks."

13. "Sleep and water."

14. "Green smoothies made with filtered water, kale, spinach, ginger, lemon, parsley and green apple. My skin looks amazing and less wrinkles too!!! Just after two weeks of having one everyday."

15. "Ayurvedic face products and supplements!"

16. "100 percent raw shea butter. All-over moisturizing, plus melt it and add peppermint oil for the best lip balm!"

17. "Sleep."

18. "Acne pads also soften feet."

19. "Be kind and smile at strangers. Instantly increases your attractiveness by 100 percent."

20. "Travel-size dry shampoo!"

21. "A mini eye cream to dab under eyes when your concealer dries up and makes you look old and tired!"

22. "I always reapply mascara because it does fade. Eyebrow gel for when they start moving and light reflecting powder for brighten[ing]."

23. "Aquaphor... period! It's much better than say Vaseline and my dry winter skin thanks me! I use it a lot more at night."

24. "Olay Regenerating Serum -- it literally makes your skin silk. Apply first before moisturizer and instead of Aquaphor. Aquaphor great for under eyes at night."

25. "1: Tarte mascara. It has conditioning properties to help lashes look great even without mascara. 2: Minted rose salve for my lips. Since it's thick like Vaseline, sometimes I rub some on my wrist and behind my ears then spray perfume... it makes the smell last longer. 3: A jar of Naturalnatch hair and body butter. Use it right out the shower then pat dry and I'm like a newborn. Also great for hair. 4: MAC gold deposit -- brightens your face right up. I don't even use blush!"

26. "Nude eyeliner on bottom lash line = brightens eyes instantly."

27. "Love NARS [eyeliner] in Rue Bonaparte!"

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