11/08/2013 06:02 am ET

'The Millers': Carol Says We Should Be More Polite When Typing In Search Engines

The older generations learning how to use more modern technology has long been a target for comedy on television. This week, the 1980s set "The Goldbergs" had a lot of fun with dad Murray's inability to operate the TV's remote control. On "The Millers," it was about teaching Margo Martindale's Carol how to search for something online.

Using Bing, Nathan explained that all she had to do was type in what she needed in the box. And so she started typing. "Hi, Bing. My name is Carol Miller. I'm recently single and living with my son, who is also recently divorced."

He tried to explain that she only needed to use keywords, but Carol wasn't having it. "There's nothing wrong with being polite," she told him. And then, she typed in an apology to Bing for her rude son. Later in the episode, when Carol was explaining Bing to her husband, she explained that you type in your question and the people at Bing get together and talk about it before coming back with an answer. At least that explains why she believes courtesy is so important.

"The Millers" are learning new things every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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