11/09/2013 09:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ditch Your Tablecloth, And More Tips For Setting The Perfect Holiday Table

Whether you're among the 63 percent of folks who've already gotten into the holiday spirit or not, there's no denying: Thanksgiving is on the way. You could just go into hibernation until it's over (we recommend these five log cabins). Or, you can embrace the inevitable and the three things we're setting our sights on in the weeks to come -- food, folks and flair.

Okay, so we can't take total credit for the merry mantra, but we're adopting it nonetheless from the "Chelsea Market Cookbook," which features recipes from the famous New York food hall; insights from celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, Anita Lo and Marc Forgione; and these table-setting tips from beloved retailer Anthropologie.

Check out their advice on setting a table your way this holiday season and our advice for hosting like a pro in the slideshow below.

anthropologie table setting

anthropologie table setting
Photos by Jennifer May

Lose The Rules Ditch traditional table settings and linens for the vibe you want to convey. If you have a beautifully grained wood table, Anthropologie suggests skipping the tablecloth and opting for a DIY runner of herbs.

Embrace Color Incorporate saturated hues and playful patterns that showcase your personality and evoke the season.

Experiment With Height Use a cake stand as a stage for a grouping of candles, and consider height when adding flowers to the tablescape.

Make Room For Quirk Turn to personal collections when in need of an attention-grabbing centerpiece or makeshift place card holders. The offbeat charm of precious finds like porcelain figurines is guaranteed to spark conversation.

Enjoy The Prep Set the table right before guests arrive. As you prepare, turn up the music and pour yourself a glass of wine -- relish that lovely (but all-too-short) window right before guests arrive.

Be Loud (And Messy) Make a merry noise: Mix, mingle, laugh, dance, splash, spill and toast with abandon.

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