11/11/2013 09:34 am ET

Cocktails You're Actually Supposed To Light On Fire (VIDEOS)

Setting cocktails on fire is the quintessential party or bar trick. Though the fire does enrich the flavor of the alcohol, burning off some of the liquid and allowing the nuances to shine through, we're going to be honest: the main reason people do it is because it looks awesome.

But one thing that does NOT look awesome is setting yourself on fire, so you should properly educate yourself before you try this at home, kids. Or you could just visit a bar where they'll do it for you, we won't judge.

While there are many different types of alcohol that you can set on fire, that doesn't mean all are deserving. We've put together the 10 best flamings cocktails and shots, complete with video tutorials to ensure you end up looking like a boss, instead of embarrassed.

  • 1 Lamborghini Shot
    Youtube: hotbartendersla
  • 2 Dr. Pepper Shot
    Youtube: Tipsy Bartender
  • 3 Bob Marley Shot
    Youtube: Norris Gresham
  • 4 Bailey's Comet
    Youtube: shaunwardy
  • 5 Gorilla Shot
    Youtube: hotbartendersla
  • 6 Back Draft Shot
    Youtube: FreeBartendingSchool
  • 7 Asshole Shooter
    Youtube: Admin, MixnSip.com
  • 8 B-52 Shot
    Youtube: hotbartendersla
  • 9 Sambuca Shot
    Youtube: TheFNDC.com
  • 10 Lemon Drop Shot
    Youtube: TipsyBartender

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