11/11/2013 04:17 am ET

'The Mentalist': Jane Narrows Down His Red John Suspects Thanks To A Tattoo (VIDEO)

A tip about Red John's tattoo helped Patrick Jane narrow down his pool of suspects on "The Mentalist." He gathered the five remaining suspects and held them at gunpoint to see which of them had the three-dot tattoo. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single man sporting the tattoo. Three of them had it.

FBI Agent Reede Smith, CBI Director Gale Bertram and Sheriff Thomas McAllister all have matching tattoos, which only frees Ray Haffner and Bret Stiles from Jane's suspicions. After revealing his tat, McAllister told Jane that it wasn't what he was thinking, indicating there's something more going on. But then the episode ended with a gunshot and an explosion. Did McAllister survive to explain? Did any of the suspects? TV Fanatic's Christine Orlando wondered if the tattoo is just sending Jane into the middle of another conspiracy.

Show writer Ken Woodruff told TVGuide.com that he thinks scenes like this are interesting for Jane's character. "“He brings a menace and a sort of danger that you don’t always see from Patrick Jane," Woodruff said. "You can really feel it in those scenes, and on set it’s the same way.”

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