11/12/2013 10:01 am ET

How To Clean Up A Meth Lab In Indiana: Vocativ Follows Crisis Cleaning To Horrid House (VIDEO)

Walter White's empire is gone -- but what about all the toxic waste he left behind in his meth labs?

There's a not-so-sexy process for cleaning up defunct meth labs, and crews are aware of the dangers: Hazardous waste, booby traps and flammable fumes, to name a few. Jessica Pilot produced a short video with Vocativ that gives a behind-the-scenes look at meth labs and the folks who have the dirty job of cleaning them up (video above).

In Indiana, it's a big job. This year alone, Pilot writes, 1,700 meth labs were seized and more than 841 arrests were made by Indiana State Police.

Pilot continues:

Cleaning a meth lab isn’t a glamorous job: If certain volatile chemicals are inhaled without a mask – they will melt your lungs. Yes, ‘lung-melting’ is a risk. Adding to the danger, meth cooks often booby-trap their kitchens by pouring gasoline in light bulbs. If the police, or the cleaners, bust the place and flip a switch, the ambushed light fixture will explode.

Meet Donetta and Rick Held, owners of Crisis Cleaning, a company that specializes in dealing with “death and meth.” Watch as they clean a toxic meth house and explore the methods used to make this dangerous drug.