11/12/2013 01:44 pm ET

Wrecking Ball Will Return To GVSU Campus, Students Rejoice

Grand Valley State University students will get their beloved wrecking ball back.

GVSU removed a pendulum sculpture from the Allendale, Mich. campus in September after students kept riding it like Miley Cyrus in her music video for "Wrecking Ball." The wrecking ball had actually been at GVSU since 1995, but after Cryus' video was released in the fall, students damaged the cable holding the pendulum by swinging on it too much.

Students were disappointed to lose the wrecking ball, creating shirts calling for its return:

The pendulum sculpture is now coming back after the hard work of a 10-person committee formed to figure out how to reinstall it. The university will spend $25,000 building a 4-foot tall fence surrounding the sculpture, MLive reports, and create an octagon-shaped concrete boundary. They'll also be adding signs explaining the art.

Students won't be physically prevented from riding the pendulum in the nude again, but Tim Thimmesch, associate vice president for Facilities Services said administrators hope students will respect the signs.

"Everybody was very much interested in having the pendulum reinstalled," Thimmesch told MLive. But "we wanted to do it in a way that promotes the scientific side of it as well as the original intent of the sculpture."

The university expects the pendulum to be back by Dec. 6. And by then it'll likely be too cold to get naked and ride the wrecking ball.

Students rejoiced at the news:


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