11/13/2013 10:19 am ET

Adam Driver, Jon Hamm, And Why the Media's New Obsession With Men's Bodies Is Bad for Everyone

Randy Holmes via Getty Images

The New York Times recently profiled Adam Driver, the star of Girls and, I’m pretty sure, every movie that will come out in the next two years. Driver, the person, is interesting in the extreme: rejected from Juilliard, he joined the Marines. And now that he has broken through to national stardom, he has a nonprofit, one which “works to bring performing arts to the military.” This is, as the children say, “mad cool.” Unfortunately, it’s buried at the end of the article, because the reporter, Guy Trebay, must first get through the crucial business of parsing Driver’s looks.

“I have this really big face,” added Mr. Driver, whose powerful head suggests a public monument and whose striking features one writer called “worthy of the Mongolian plains.”

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