11/13/2013 10:42 am ET

On The 40th Anniversary of 'Fear Of Fling', Erica Jong Opens Up About Motherhood, Blogging And Sex With Strangers

The Washington Post via Getty Images

My dog and I left Ennis, Montana, my home for 20 years, at midnight, September 30, 1982, and drove like banshees to New York City, where we rented an apartment for $400 a month. The highlight of this abode—aside from the wonderful fact that it was located beneath a family of gypsies—was that it possessed dirt floors where my dog, a cattle dog of exceptional beauty (she possessed the face of Diane Keaton) could bury her bones in the living room.

Having then unpacked, and donning a pair of banana-colored cowgirl boots, mistress and dog set forth on their first New York adventure. We’d just turned up 44th Street when—we spotted our first New York celebrity!

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