11/14/2013 11:29 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2013

Legionnaires' Disease In Chicago Area Traced Back To Naperville Gym

Suburban Chicago authorities have confirmed an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease and say it's been traced to the hot tub inside a Naperville fitness center.

A spokesman for the DuPage County Health Department said the two men had "pretty unique" cases of the disease but that both are listed in stable condition, NBC Chicago reports.

The Legionella bacteria that caused the disease was eventually traced to a hot tub at the LA Fitness in the 1800 block of Freedom Drive in Naperville after an incident was reported in late October.

“In this case it got into the water system and somehow colonized it and that’s the concern,” Kevin Dixon, director of the county health department, told CBS Chicago.

While the hot tub has been out of commission and thoroughly cleaned and tested to ensure the disease doesn't spread, some gym members were upset saying they weren't informed of the outbreak.

"That's something they have to be more careful and let the people know," gym member Ricardo Sequeria told NBC.

The Associated Press reports the LA Fitness location remains open as health officials investigate.

According to the Tribune, Legionnaires' disease can lead to deadly pneumonia and people are usually infected by breathing in mist from water that contains the bacteria. Common symptoms of the disease can include "high fever, chills, a cough, and sometimes muscle aches and headaches."

Last summer, three deaths in Chicago were linked to the disease and eventually traced back to a Marriott hotel in the Loop.



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