11/15/2013 08:00 am ET

Andy Murray Says Rafael Nadal Pranked Him With Sexy Text Message (VIDEO)

Rafael Nadal may not be as serious as appears on the court. During his appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show in London last week, Andy Murray recounted how the 13-time Grand Slam winner pulled a prank on him in New York.

The reigning Wimbledon champ recalled when he got a text message from a number he didn't know while eating dinner with his girlfriend.

"During the meal, which I probably shouldn't have done anyways because it's rude, I was checking my phone. And I looked at one of the messages and it was from a number I didn't recognize. And it said something like, 'Oh my God Andy you look so sexy tonight.' So obviously I didn't tell my girlfriend at first. I don't want to ruin the meal," Murray said. "It clicked who it was on the way back from the meal. but he'd obviously the whole time watching me looking at this message seeing my face."

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE - Story starts at 12-minute mark



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