11/15/2013 01:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

GIF Yourself Is The Funniest New Thing On The Internet

Everyone loves silly GIFs. They also love looking at pictures of themselves. Finally, a way to quickly and easily make funny GIFs of yourself has arrived.

With GIF Yourself, you can add your face to a bunch of different existing GIFs. You can choose from GIF categories like "#Dance," "#Happy," "#Smooth" and "#Love." Once you choose the GIF you want to use, you can either upload a photo of yourself from your computer or use your computer's camera to take a new one. Then you crop around your face and voilà: A new GIF is born.

The site just launched Wednesday. It was created by Frank Jania of storytelling site Tapestry and Grant Custer of investment company and tech studio Betaworks.

As we quickly found out, you don't have to use your own face for GIFs. You can use anyone's face. Enjoy:



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