11/15/2013 12:15 pm ET Updated Nov 15, 2013

Actor Miles Heizer Released A Song On YouTube And It Rocks

Miles Heizer is best known for playing the lovelorn Drew Holt on NBC's "Parenthood," but in September, the actor released a song on YouTube, titled "????," accompanied by beats "stolen from" LA-based band SELA. In the music video, Heizer muses about energy drinks, orders Domino's pizza and watches "Chopped" at home.

It's only two minutes long, so perhaps keep "????" running on loop (so you don't miss Heizer playing with a cat). The track is also available for download on Soundcloud.

Totally necessary sidenote: We last saw Heizer singing 15 sweet seconds of Taylor Swift's "Mean" with Mae Whitman, his on-screen sister.