11/15/2013 06:25 am ET

'Parks & Recreation' Election Results: Was Leslie Knope Recalled?

"Parks & Recreation" returned from an unexpected hiatus with back-to-back episodes that decided Leslie Knope's fate in Pawnee. It was election results time, and the whole gang vowed that they would stand by Leslie until all of the votes were counted. Expecting it to be a long night, Jerry-now-Larry went out for pizzas, but the results were in before he got back.

"Too close to call, a real nail-biter, anybody's game," Perd Hapley said to kick off his broadcast coverage. "These are three phrases you won't hear tonight, as Leslie Knope has been voted out of office. What was expected to be a close race has actually been a not-close race."

Of course, this was the moment Larry returned with the pizzas, singing a happy tune. "Larry, everyone is miserable, and you are only making it worse," Chris told him.

With only one month left in office, Leslie ultimately vowed to buckle down and try and get as much done as she could. But that leaves the question open, what's next for Leslie Knope? Will her political ambitions take on a more national scale? Will she seek a higher position in Pawnee?

Tune in to "Parks & Recreation," Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC, to find out.



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