11/15/2013 01:06 pm ET

This Isn't The 'Super Mario' We Grew Up With

Everyone knows the story of Mario and Luigi, two innocent plumbing brothers who rescue a princess from a monstrous villain by eating mushrooms to beef up and finding flowers that let them shoot flames from their hands. Wait a sec', none of that sounds innocent at all.

Which is precisely what writer and director Evan Daugherty is trying to highlight in "The Four Players," a gritty YouTube series that reimagines "Super Mario Bros." Since the movie version of Nintendo's video game franchise opened to unanimously negative reviews in 1993, fans haven't expected much when the turtle-stomping plumbers are committed to screen. But they will have to reconsider after watching Daugherty's take on the 8-bit icons.

"The Fixer" and "The Addict," the first two parts of the series, were posted on Thursday followed by "The Soldier" and "The Star," posted on Friday.