11/18/2013 03:39 am ET Updated Nov 18, 2013

'Witches Of East End': Zombie Ingrid Rises To Exact Revenge On Her Aunt Wendy (VIDEO)

On "Witches of East End," the shapeshifter better known as Penelope -- or Athena -- resurrected the same Ingrid that died in last week's flashbacks. This was the Ingrid killed by her Aunt Wendy, and Penelope set her on a path of revenge. And while it ultimately didn't work quite as intended, it came so very close.

Zombie Ingrid managed to capture Wendy, and even killed her. But she knows that Wendy has multiple lives, and so she was ready to wait and kill Wendy again. Only her mother showed up and returned her to dust before she could. That said, she did push Wendy into her last life, as evidenced by the change of color to red in Wendy's necklace.

“As crushed as I was to realize that Wendy’s basically napping at Death’s door now, I think running out of lives was a necessary way to raise the stakes for her," wrote Hollywood Life's Andy Swift of the big reveal. "She can still be a comic relief, but the threat of real death intensifies her situation in a much-needed way.”

Meanwhile, Freya found out she was torn between two men -- who also happen to be PenelAthenope's sons. Penelope is deep into her revenge plans for the Beauchamps, but what roles do her sons play in it? And are they complicit in her plots, or just more pawns for her to move around?

There are only three more episodes left this season of "Witches of East End," Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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