11/19/2013 04:35 am ET

Barbara Walters On Her 'The View' Co-Hosts: 'I Don't Like Any Of Them' (VIDEO)

While the women of "The View" are in Los Angeles this week, they're making the talk show rounds. Barbara Walters dropped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where she refused to give him the scoop he was looking for. Kimmel asked her which of her co-hosts -- past and present -- does she like the least.

"I don't like any of them," Walters quipped. Kimmel said he'd narrowed it down to Rosie O'Donnell and Star Jones, but Walters insisted that she is "very fond of both of them." When Kimmel kept pushing, Walters said, "I am not going there, but if you keep this up, I’m going somewhere else.”

Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg was over on "The Tonight Show," where she backed Walters' claims that the women all do get along, despite how it may look at times on air. "People don’t understand that you can disagree with people and still be friends, and it’s one of those things," Goldberg said. "[Elisabeth Hasselbeck's] a great woman. She’s got a great family and I really love her and I miss Joy [Behar] as well.”

She did concede that the show feels different now with new cast member Jenny McCarthy, and it will feel even more different next spring when Walters retires from her on-air duties for the show.

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