11/20/2013 01:44 pm ET

Be 80 Years Old For A Day In This Incredible Age Suit

Fat suits and drunk glasses are a walk in the park compared to this age suit. Created by Barclays to help them understand their elderly customers, the £1,500 suit gives a somewhat exaggerated experience of aging.

British news network ITN's reporter Sam Datta-Paulin tested the suit for several hours and as you can see for yourself-- it's not easy being old.

Datta-Paulin strapped on the gear, including a heavy sand-filled vest, arthritis-simulating gloves, ankle weights, and the most important part: vision distorting glasses. The simplest daily tasks like crossing the street, making tea, and chatting up girls were a feat with the added pains and lowered mobility.

While the simulation might be a bit over the top, jokes aside, it was a sobering experience for the 20-something reporter. "I'm terrified by the outside world as an 80 year old. It's a scary place and I don't like it very much," Datta-Paulin said. "The suit makes you realize how hard a lot of the stuff we take for granted really is."



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