11/20/2013 02:12 am ET Updated Nov 20, 2013

'Imagine: Northern California' Time-Lapse Video Makes Us Want To Pack Our Bags Immediately

Ryan Killackey has done it again.

The California-obsessed photographer has released the third member of his time-lapse video "Imagine: California" series, this time setting his sights on the Northern half of the state. And between the rugged coastline, the endless forests and the cable cars climbing the San Francisco hills, we're pretty much ready to book our ticket.

The series was created from more than 300,000 photos and this video features locations like Yosemite, the redwood forests, Big Sur, Mono Lake, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.

Killackey told The Huffington Post that he hopes his videos inspire viewers to get out and travel.

"I have received thousands of comments and emails from people around the world, telling me how much it made them want to vacation [in California], or how homesick they are just from watching it," he said about his California videos in 2011. "Stuff like this is truly inspiring to me. Every comment that I have received goes straight to my heart and will not be forgotten."



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