11/20/2013 09:32 am ET

Seth Miller, Teen Who Aged Out Of Foster Care System, Gets An Ending That Only Exists In The Movies (VIDEO)

A formerly homeless teen in Rockwall, Texas, will finally have a traditional, family-filled Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Nineteen-year-old Seth Miller was living in his car when News 8 first reported on him in September. The high school senior had aged out of the foster system, and Virginia Barrett, his court-appointed special advocate, was helping him get his own apartment. Miller was determined to make the best of the circumstances.

"I'm going to make it because I have to," he told News 8. "That's all I have. That's the only choice I have."

But one family had a better idea.

Ara and Robert Hunt already had seven children -- four from previous relationships and three they adopted together, according to Yahoo Shine. And one of their daughters, 11-year-old Shyann, is Miller's biological sister.

The Hunts found out about Miller through Barrett in August, because the teen had been looking for his biological siblings. But the family was nervous to contact him.

“I was terrified," Ara Hunt told radio station GCN Live. But when they learned Miller would be on News 8, they decided not to write him off until they saw who he was.

"I was out of state. [My husband] recorded this news special about him," Ara Hunt told GCN. "And he texted me, 'You just gotta see this kid.'"

"The minute [Miller] started speaking, I knew right then and there," Ara Hunt added. So the family reached out to him.

In early September, after being in a car accident, Miller called Ara Hunt to tell her he was having trouble and might need to go to the hospital. She told GCN that she drove two hours from her home outside of Dallas to help him. But when she went to leave the next morning, the teen had a question for her:

"Can I just go home with you?"

She said yes.

On October 25, Miller moved in with the family.

Now, he's a Hunt -- he's opted to legally change his name to Logan Robert Hunt, according to Yahoo Shine. And he's looking forward to spending the upcoming holidays with his new siblings.

“A lot of kids look forward to presents and things like that,” Miller said. “Just having a family, that’s the true gift.”



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