11/21/2013 08:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Danish Royal Portrait Does No Favors To Our Favorite Princesses (PHOTO)

We're huge fans of the Danish royals, particularly Princess Mary and her adorable brood. But even we can't get behind the latest portrait of the royal family, done by artist Thomas Kluge.

The painting, currently on display at the Amalienborg Museum until March, is the product of four years of work, and it's described by the museum as "a kind of magic realism." But we're not sensing much realism at all. Not only are our favorite princesses, Princess Marie and Princess Mary, stuck in the back (not fair), but everyone looks a little... haunted. Creepy. And poor Prince Christian in the front, typically so cute and bubbly, reminds us of one of the twins from "The Shining."

The kicker? Once the exhibit at the Amalienborg Museum is complete, this painting will hang in the royal family's home at Fredensborg Palace. Imagine waking up to that every day...

The painting:

dutch royal portrait

Thomas Kluge, "The Royal Family" (Photo: Evan Frederiksen)

The real thing:

The Danish Royal Family's 2012 Portrait

CORRECTION: This post previously referred to the royal family as Dutch, not Danish.

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