11/22/2013 02:01 pm ET

10 TV Theme Songs That Will Transport You To The '90s


Let me tell you about an era, long ago, called the '90s. Perhaps you've heard of it? It was a simpler time, free of selfies and twerking, filled instead with Dunk-a-roos and the best television that ever was and ever will be.

Now, your Tamagotchi may have long been broken, your "Space Jam" soundtrack CD irreparably scratched, but you know, in your heart of hearts, that while friends (and jobs) come and go, '90s nostalgia will be forever. Here, for your Lunchable-loving soul, one song for each of the golden years:

1990: "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

1991: "Clarissa Explains It All"

1992: Ghostwriter

1993: "Bill Nye The Science Guy"

1994: "Touched By An Angel"

1995: "Pinky and the Brain"

1996: "Hey, Arnold!"

1997: "Recess"

1998: "Dawson's Creek"

1999: "The Even Stevens"