11/22/2013 02:49 pm ET

U.S. Airman Tyler Harrill Surprises 5-Year-Old Son After Serving 2 Years Overseas In Guam (VIDEO)

Byron Harrill has waited roughly half his life to be reunited with his airman dad. But this week, the wait was finally over.

Byron's father, Tyler Harrill, recently returned from two and a half years of service in Guam and planned a surprise reunion with Byron at the 5-year-old's elementary school in Indian Trail, N.C.

And WSOC TV caught the moment on camera.

Byron was just 2 years old when his father's tour began, and the lengthy separation made Thursday's reunion an emotional one.

"He said he never thought I was ever coming back, which made me sad," Harrill told WSOC. "But then he told me that he loved me and missed me. That just meant the world."

Harrill has 15 days of leave until he has to return for duty, but his tour will be complete in a year, and he has every intention of making up for lost time with his little boy.

Earlier this month, an Air Force mom made her daughter's birthday wish come true with a special surprise homecoming on Veteran's Day. Watch their emotional reunion here.



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