11/22/2013 12:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

See The Celebs Who Flopped On This Week's Worst-Dressed List

On this week's worst-dressed list, many stars wore ensembles that didn't suit them. Jennifer Lawrence looked out of place (and uncomfortable) in a completely sheer gown, while Naomi Judd's shiny red frock made her look matronly.

Meanwhile, the usually fashionable Kate Bosworth struggled in a look that washed her out, and L'Wren Scott's throwback outfit was an epic fail.

Check out our picks for worst-dressed of the week and let us know if you agree

Jennifer Lawrence


This dress seems all wrong for the down-to-earth actress. The extremely fashion-forward gown doesn't jive with her style and we have to say, we are sick to death of the sheer trend. If her ensemble had been lined, it could have been a home run.

Claire Danes


Red is a great color on the "Homeland" star, but the shape of the jacket is making her shoulders look much broader than they are. And that heavy eyeliner has got to go, it's too dark for her features.

Michelle Dockery


Sheer + Leather + Lace + Feathers + Vinyl appliquᅢᄅ = Too much.

L'Wren Scott


This outfit is definitely referencing another era, we're just not sure which. The turtleneck, combined with the long coat and loose-fitting pants are slightly Victorian, but we're confused on how the metallic shoes and burgundy headband fit in.

Jena Malone


The floor-length, embellished dress with the sheer paneling is a lot all at once. One wrong move in this outfit and there is a guaranteed wardrobe malfunction.

Toni Braxton


The worst part of this ensemble has to be the shoes -- the red satin pumps cheapen the look. And the print is also a little off, it looks blurry or something.

Kate Bosworth


Bosworth's dress looks like a straight jacket gone wrong. The straps all over the frock are confusing, while the combination of beige and white is washing her out.

Naomi Judd


We understand that she's at holiday event, but dressing in theme isn't necessary. The top-to-bottom sheen on the dress, plus its silhouette, is aging the country singer.

Hayley Atwell


Atwell seems to be a little too full-busted to wear this dress. The feathers and embellishments are hardly covering what needs to be covered, while her red lipstick is too harsh for the delicate gown.

Zosia Mamet


There are numerous things that are wrong with this ensemble. The color is washing out the fair-skinned actress, while the fit seems to be off. We also wish the gown wasn't dragging on the floor -- it looks sloppy.

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