The Balance Between Life Experience And Education, From Erin Brockovich (VIDEO)

Is a four year college education necessary to success? With the costs associated with most four year college programs nowadays, could someone achieve the same results from, say, a two year college program instead? Consumer advocate Erin Brockovich joined me on Mondays with Marlo to discuss.

Erin, who holds an associates degree in applied arts, is a huge fan of junior colleges. She recognizes that everyone may want to enroll in a four year college, but not everyone can afford tuition and associated bills. Erin does not believe that success is dependent on a four year education. According to Erin, it's all about persistence, determination and real life experience. For those who want to go to college but can't afford four years of tuition, she thinks a two year degree is a great solution.

"Education is important, but it's also getting very pricey," said Erin. "I don't think you could ever go wrong with real life experience."

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Erin Brockovich

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