11/25/2013 09:30 pm ET

'Batkid', 5-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Miles Scott, Saves Rapper Pitbull In New York (VIDEO)

Great Scott! Batman's nemesis, the Joker, visited the Big Apple this morning and took a celebrity hostage!

But New Yorkers had no need for fear, because Miles Scott, AKA 'Batkid,' hopped on an airplane for the second time in his life and made a special trip to the Good Morning America set in NYC to save the day.

The 5-year-old cancer survivor only wanted to be Batman for a day, but even after his SF adventure ended earlier this month, Miles continues to occasionally don the superhero mask.

“He’s in remission so this has kind of been like the after-party for him, a way to kick it off,” his father Nick Scott told ABC. “Chemo is all he’s ever known. That’s the life that he’s known but this is kind of a way to celebrate the ending.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg recorded a message welcoming him to the "real" Gotham City, shortly before the miniature superhero was called away to fend off the Joker, who had taken rap star Pitbull hostage after his GMA performance. Batkid, of course, came to his rescue just in time.

Miles' parents announced last week that they've created a Batkid Fund to benefit the organizations that helped Miles and his family through his battle with cancer.

H/T: The Daily Mail



San Francisco Is Gotham City For Batkid!