11/26/2013 05:09 pm ET Updated Nov 28, 2013

This Romanian Borat Should Be Every Startup's Pitchman

Here's a way to sell an app: Find the right guy to pitch it.

Cristian Balint, a Romanian actor, provides offbeat charm in this goofy spot (above) for a ranking game called "Proust." Players compare their favorite things, such as love interests or even types of Jesus, and celebrate their like-mindedness or dismiss each other for their lack of taste.

From the moment Balint declares that "Passing judgment can be enjoyable and rewarding," he hooks you.

Mother New York, the agency behind the spot and a co-developer of the mobile app, told The Huffington Post that Balint showed up at a casting call "and that was pretty much it," per a spokeswoman.

If the game is anywhere near as entertaining as Balint, "Proust" is on to something.