11/26/2013 08:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Places You'd Rather Be This Thanksgiving

Somehow we blinked and it's already Thanksgiving.

A holiday made for eating, sitting, watching, eating again, napping (tryptophan, y'all!) and then yes, a little more eating. In between feedings there just might be some lighthearted chatter with some cousins or even a few digs from your grandmother about when exactly you'll be walking down the aisle (she isn't getting any younger, ya know?!)

Whatever way you plan on spending your Turkey Day, take a few moments to imagine what it would be like to skip the day in your hometown and jetset off to one of these Thanksgiving-ish (kinda, sorta) destinations.

Alanya, Turkey
alanya turkey
Not quite the same view of "turkey" that you'd be having squished at the kids' table but something tells us sitting on this beach would win every single time.

The Río Tinto, Spain
The Río Tinto, or Red River, will probably not taste like your aunt's famous cranberry sauce, but it can certainly serve its purpose.

castlewellan ireland
Although Ireland isn't even in the top 10 of potato-producing countries, it will always be synonymous with the spuds. Celebrate turkey's mashed sidekick by touring the countryside, exploring a castle or two and, of course, enjoying a pint.

Brussels, Belgium
Don't forget your veggies! No Thanksgiving meal trip would be complete without a delicious (vegetable) adventure. Brussels not only offers sites to see and things to do, but it has made many a list for the most underrated European cities.

New York City
New York City is essentially the dessert of your alternative Thanksgiving getaways. The cherry on top, so they say. The Big Apple is chock full o' delectably diverse activities fit for just about anyone. You could spend your holiday watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live in living color or seeing the city that never sleeps dressed in its holiday best, because after all, there is nothing quite like the Big Apple (pie).

See what we did there?



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