11/26/2013 03:43 pm ET Updated Dec 09, 2013

Bryant Gumbel: 'Today' Made 'A Lot Of Missteps' (VIDEO)

Bryant Gumbel recently weighed in on the drama at "Today," saying that his former show has made "a lot of missteps."

Gumbel sat down with Katie Couric, his former co-host on the show, to discuss his show "Real Sports," and he sounded off on how the transition from Ann Curry to Savannah Guthrie unfolded.

"There were a lot of missteps along the way," Gumbel told Couric. "I feel badly that Matt wound up getting blamed for the missteps because it wasn't his doing. I just didn't get the whole thing."

He continued, "I also don't get why it's such a big deal when someone in this business gets let go. As you know, it happens to all of us at some point. It's a big boy league and you move on. But in my opinion, the wrong guy got blamed."

Gumbel has made similar comments before, saying that Curry's firing in 2012 simply came down to ratings. "I’m surprised and disappointed at this idea that Ann was a martyr, that she was thrown under the bus,” he said shortly after her departure. "I don’t know why she’s being portrayed as a modern-day Joan of Arc. In every job, in every walk of life, people are hired to do a job, and if they don't do it well they are relieved of that job."



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