11/26/2013 11:55 am ET

How Turkeys Are Slaughtered And Processed (PHOTOS)


When it comes to Thanksgiving, we here at BA are almost always willing to do things the hard way. We'll bake and dry out our own bread for stuffing. We'll spend the weekend before making quarts of stock for the richest possible gravy. We'll risk frostbite to pick up some picture-perfect fall produce at the farmers' market for an epic tablescape. We're just kind of obsessive like that. But, as someone pointed out at a meeting earlier this month, none of us had ever killed our own Thanksgiving turkey. Sure, we're all getting groovy, pasture-raised, heritage birds from local farms, but we were in the dark when it came to the exact process by which our turkeys went from the farm to our, er, tables. Which is how we found ourselves at Stone & Thistle Farm in East Meredith, N.Y., on a cold, misty morning last week.

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