11/27/2013 08:48 am ET

In Defense Of Young Love


As a twenty-two year old millennial there are a lot of things I am tired of being told and called. I’m bored of the lazy and entitled trope that has become so overused that it is almost ironic. I am done with the social media bashing. I am over the abstract molds we’re suppose to fit within, and finished with the overgeneralizing and the stereotyping. I’m tired of being a millennial, not because I believe I was born in the wrong era–which I do but that’s for another time–but because I’m tired of being told I’m doing it wrong.

And in particular, I am tired of being told I am wrong about love. I am twenty-two and I am in a truly wonderful relationship with a man whom I couldn’t adore more. And if someone isn’t telling me that I am too young to be in love and that your twenties aren’t the time for a relationship and that I need to give myself a chance to meet other people, then they are nodding their heads silently and thinking it.

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