11/27/2013 02:55 pm ET Updated Nov 28, 2013

Evan Rachel Wood Disappointed Over MPAA Ruling On 'Charlie Countryman' Sex Scene

Andy Kropa/Invision/AP

Evan Rachel Wood co-stars with Shia LaBeouf in "Charlie Countryman," an indie drama that earned an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America because of "some brutal violence, language throughout, sexuality/nudity, and drug use." According to Wood, however, an early MPAA ruling forced director Fredrik Bond to sanitize a key sex scene in order to procure the restricted tag.

Wood, 26, took to Twitter on Wednesday to admonish members of the ratings board for their stance on female sexuality, noting that the scene in question was cut down because it showed a male performing oral sex on his female partner. This isn't the first time oral sex between a man and woman has caused issues with the ratings board; back in 2010, "Blue Valentine" was given an NC-17 rating for a scene where Ryan Gosling's character performs the act on Michelle Williams' character, but the ruling was overturned without any changes being made to the finished film.

Check out Wood's tweets on the matter below, but be warned that some of her posts contain strong language. "Charlie Countryman" is out in limited release now.



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