11/27/2013 11:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Health Care Law Seen As Troubled, But Fixable: Poll

Very few Americans think Obamacare is successful, but most are willing to give it time to improve, a CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday found.

Eight percent of the poll's respondents said the health care law is already a success, 39 percent said that it's a failure and 53 percent said that it's still too soon to tell.

The law's rollout in the past two months has been plagued with issues, including a seriously malfunctioning website and the cancellation of some health insurance plans, despite Obama's earlier assurances that no one would lose their coverage. The Obama administration has vowed to fix the site, and put forth a proposal to allow insurers to extend plans previously set for cancellation into 2014.

When asked in the poll whether these current problems would eventually be resolved, a slim majority -- 54 percent -- said they believed the law's issues would be fixed, while 45 percent predicted that the problems will remain.

Opinions on Obamacare diverge across age lines, CNN found, with younger Americans more likely to be optimistic about its prospects. Just 25 percent of adults under age 35 said the law is a failure, compared with more than 40 percent in every other age bracket.

Overall, 40 percent of Americans favor the health care law, while 58 percent oppose it -- results little changed from opinions earlier in the year.

The opposition was split into two camps, with 41 percent saying they oppose the law because it is too liberal, and 14 percent saying they oppose it because it is not liberal enough.

HuffPost Pollster's chart, including all publicly available polling, currently puts support for the law at about 37 percent, down about 7 points since January.

The CNN/ORC poll surveyed 843 Americans by phone between Nov. 18 and Nov. 20.



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