11/27/2013 01:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Providing A Family With A Thanksgiving Meal Is As Easy As Giving Up Your Latte

At HuffPost Good News, it's our job to make you happy. And with all the good spirits floating around at this time of the year, our holiday bag of tricks usually includes a slew of stories highlighting good deeds and random acts of kindness.

But this year, we decided to also include a story that leans slightly in the other direction -- we wanted to remind you (and ourselves!) just how easy it is to help a family that doesn't have the same comforts as the rest of us.

We often forget how much of a difference giving up even the smallest of indulgences can make. A $25 mani-pedi can seem like a necessary holiday luxury, but giving it up will mean 32 servings of stuffing for somebody else.

A $14.99 album on iTunes = one tablecloth


A $4 flavored latte = 5 cans of corn or cut green beans = 17 servings

pumpkin spice latte

A $25 blowout = nine 16-oz cans of cranberry sauce = 54 servings

women blow dry

A $45 pair of shoes = two 16-lb turkeys = 24 servings


A $25 manicure/pedicure = eight 25.8-oz boxes of stuffing mix = 32 servings


A $10 movie ticket = three 26.2-oz boxes of mashed potatoes = 102 servings

mashed potatoes

A $10 takeout lunch = five 15-oz cans of pumpkin pie filling = five pies

work lunch

An $8 beer = one 27.8-oz container of ground coffee = 240 cups

coffee in mug

One $5 magazine = two rolls of paper towels


An average cab ride in New York City* = one warm, snuggly blanket

people in blanket

We hope you all have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!

*NYC cab ride was estimated from Penn Station to the World Trade Center.

Editor's Note: Costs were estimated based on prices.