11/27/2013 08:27 am ET

Turkeys Hate You -- And They May Be Getting Revenge (VIDEO)

That turkey on the Thanksgiving table may look delicious -- or at least pretty harmless --- but is it?

Maybe not.

Each Thanksgiving, there are at least five deaths and 60 injuries, caused by people attempting to deep-fry their turkeys.

This results in $15 million in property damage, according to

Sure, those deaths, injuries and damage may seem like the fault of humans, but none would happen if the birds weren't so bland to begin with, thus needing the extra flavor that comes only from hot oil.

Wild turkeys are also a force to reckoned with -- even more than zombies.

Almost extinct in the 1930s, there are now 7 million wild turkeys running amuck in the lower 48 states.

Unlike their farm-raised cousins, the turkeys are scary predators, capable of running 25 miles per hour and flying 55 miles per hour -- plus they eat meat!

Some people don't take the impending turkey-pocalypse seriously, including the President who traditionally pardons at least one turkey a year.

Let's hope the leader of the turkeys is as merciful when they become our lords and masters.



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