11/27/2013 09:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Reasons Everyone Needs To Stop Worrying About Vegetarians On Thanksgiving

The vegetarians are alright!

Every Thanksgiving, vegetarians have to deal with friends and family members fretting over whether they're getting enough to eat or whether they're going to vomit all over the turkey. This kind of concern is nice and usually well-intentioned, but year after year it can certainly get a bit overwhelming. Below are nine reasons to convince you to just let vegetarians enjoy this holiday the way they know how, or maybe even try to have a conversation with them that doesn't involve vegetables!

And remember, vegetarians will never have to worry about this...


1. Vegetarians can still drink alcohol.

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This isn't St. Patrick's Day where people are getting drunk on alcohol brewed with fish bladders. Pass that wine or pumpkin flavored beer.

2. Stuffing is delicious even when made with vegetable stock.


Butternut Squash, apples, raisins and bread taste amazing smashed together, regardless of whether they've been stuffed in a turkey or not. Don't feel obligated to prepare your stuffing any differently, but don't be surprised if a vegetarian brings this as a dish.

3. Vegetarians don't feel like they're missing out on that turkey.

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They don't want it. They just don't, alright? They don't want just one bite. They wouldn't have some for a million dollars. It just isn't happening. Vegetarians also want nothing to do with your turducken. Most sane vegetarians would also hate the veggie-friendly abomination, the veggieducken.

4. Mashed potatoes and the often amazing bread selection can be a buttery wonderland.


Vegetarians do better than just fine at Thanksgiving dinner. Really it's just a guilt free night to completely pig (errr, tofu?) out with tons of buttery foods. And in case you were concerned, vegetarians can still have delicious gravy on their mashed potatoes and everything else, for that matter. Mushroom gravy is actually amazing.

5. Most vegetarians don't care if other people are eating meat, especially if their family does it.

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We don't take offense at your choice to eat turkey. Most vegetarians really don't want to be seen as "pretentious" and aren't judging you for eating meat. It's just two different lifestyles.

6. It's great not wanting to fall asleep right after dinner.

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Although the butter and sugar coma might reduce our competitive advantage, the vegetarians usually get to keep eating or drinking far longer than their carnivorous friends due to turkey's sleep-inducing tryptophan. That said, this whole tryptophan thing might actually just be a myth.

7. Vegetarians successfully deal with this every year, so you haven't had to worry about them for awhile.


Unless you're talking to someone who only recently gave up meat, this isn't most vegetarians' first rodeo. Years of Thanksgiving have led led them to master this night, from how to handle all the veggie questions, to when's the best time to swipe all of the yummy bread.

8. Turkey eaters are living a lie.


There weren't even any turkeys at the first Thanksgiving! They had deer. Vegetarians aren't missing out on some hallowed tradition unless you're eating venison on Thanksgiving.

9. Thanksgiving pies can make any dinner worthwhile.

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Pecan pie. Pumpkin pie. Whipped cream. Ice cream. How could anyone ever need anything else? For vegetarians, this holiday is basically about coming together with friends and family to have delicious pie. How can you hate on that?



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