12/06/2013 03:05 pm ET

This Wedding Is The Stuff Video Games Are Made Of (Literally)

What happens when a video game creator finds his dream girl and decides to marry her? This epic wedding video.

Adventure Quest Worlds creator Adam Bohn tied the knot with Michelle Chang in St. Petersburg, Florida recently, but before the couple could say "I do," the nuptials were interrupted by a sword-wielding knight hell-bent on stopping the wedding.

That's when Bohn -- already wearing armor of his own -- grabbed a sword and fought off the intruder to save his lady love.

Naturally, it was a stunt -- as was everything else that followed, including ninjas, kidnappers, Iron Man, Batman and much, much more, until the officiant finally said, "You may now kiss the bride."

Underneath the nine-plus minute video, which was posted to YouTube on Bohn's video game company's channel, the groom listed a few key details about the ceremony: the guests had no idea about the planned fight (neither did the hotel staff), the swords were real metal and the Bohn hopes "battle weddings" will catch on.

Check out the video above. You'll either love or hate it, because really, there's no in-between.



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