12/09/2013 10:51 am ET

Gordon Ramsay Battles The Swedish Chef In Epic Food Truck Showdown (VIDEO)

If one celebrity chef would pick a fight with a muppet, it would be Gordon Ramsay. Known for his foul mouth and volatile demeanor, Ramsay was once named the "celebrity who needed to chill out the most."

In a new "muppisode," promoting the upcoming movie "Muppets Most Wanted," the Muppets' Swedish Chef parks his food truck in the Ramsay's parking spot, and all hell breaks loose when Ramsay finds out. What starts as a typical day at the food truck festival -- Miss Piggy gets a cupcake that is "sea salt-infused with a beet juice emulsion," -- turns into a food truck fight when Ramsay pulls up.

The characteristically unintelligible Swedish Chef is dealing with a bunch of specialized requests by one of the foodies at his truck, while heckling Statler and Waldorf provide comic relief:

"What's he serving?" Stalter asks of the Swedish Chef.

"If the health inspector shows up, 10 to 15 years!" Waldorf replies.

By the time cautious Kermit warns the Swedish Chef might not be in the right parking spot, it's too late. The muppisode culminates in an epic showdown between the two chefs, Ramsay yelling and making a scene the whole way.

The best showdown might occur on the sidelines, however, between Ramsay and Statler and Waldorf.

"Hey Ramsay. Why don't you go back to your TV Show!" the grumpy Muppets suggest. "The web's too small for your ego!"

"I don't remember ordering any stinky old cheeses," Ramsay fires back.