12/09/2013 09:15 am ET Updated Jan 09, 2015

Martha Stewart's 9 Booziest Tips For Getting Drunk On Eggnog

The vast majority of the world may view Martha Stewart as a prudish mother hen, reminiscent of the school teacher who rapped you on the knuckles for wearing an above-the-knee pleated skirt. But the vast majority of the world doesn't know Martha Stewart. Martha is a badass. Beyond the fact that she served prison time (and sculpted an entire nativity scene while she was there), Martha's got a lot more fire in her belly than you'd think. She's made "green brownies" with Snoop Dogg, chugged PBR with Conan O'Brien, and -- this is hard to say, because we do feel like she's our grandma -- admitted to having had a threesome.

She's no stranger to booze, either. Martha loves herself a good Caipirinha, or any cocktail, for that matter. And every year at Christmas time, she shows us how to make the booziest eggnog on planet Earth. We compiled tips from her videos over the years (found here, here, and here) to bring you Martha's top tips for getting plastered on eggnog this holiday. Drink up!

Martha Stewart Drinking

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