12/09/2013 04:46 am ET

'Once Upon A Time' Returns To Storybrooke, But Peter Pan Is Planning A Curse (VIDEO)

While attempting to destroy Peter Pan for good on "Once Upon a Time," the gang quickly learned that Henry was trapped in Pan's body. That, of course, meant that Pan was in Henry's body. And he'd used Regina's insecure love for him to trick her into taking him into her secret vault of magic. There, he absconded with the very curse that kicked off this show.

“Why would Pan even want the curse? I already cast it," Regina pointed out.

“That doesn’t mean he can’t cast it again," Mr. Gold countered. Then turning to Emma, he added "And this time, without your parents’ true love woven in, even you would be powerless to break it.”

Pan explained to Felix that casting the curse again, while in Storybrooke, would cause everyone to forget who they are. "Time will stand still. And, Felix, we will be in charge," he said. "And when we’re done with it, it’s gonna be the new Neverland.”

It's certainly dramatic, but HitFix's Liane Bonin Starr is worried for the show. "If it were to happen, it seems as if we're just going to be creating a mash-up of season one and this season (which has been admittedly disappointing)," she wrote. "I'm starting to worry that ‘Once Upon A Time’ is recycling ideas -- too soon, too soon! Hopefully the plan will be thwarted, Pan will be sent away, and we'll get something a little fresher.”

Whatever goes down, Hollywood Life's Andy Swift is sure it's going to change the show. "Next week is the last new episode until March 2014, for crying out loud; something big is bound to happen!”



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