12/10/2013 04:03 pm ET

5 Things Men Should Know About Buying Lingerie, According To Victoria's Secret Models

We can understand why men might finding lingerie shopping intimidating, from the overwhelmingly girly stores (could Victoria's Secret be any more pink?) to the complicated sizing. Even we get confused sometimes.

Thankfully for the confused guys out there, GQ nabbed a few Victoria's Secret models before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to ask them for their tips.

The most important rules men can learn from their helpful video: Guys, don't mess up a girl's size (that could get, um, awkward), don't get her something ridiculously uncomfortable... and make sure it's something you, the one seeing it later that night, actually likes.

Oh, and one last tip for the road: "You can't get panties off with the garter belt on. You have the unclip them first. Which is something I learned..." TMI, Candice. TMI.

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