12/11/2013 05:22 pm ET

Cable News' Mandela Coverage Focuses On Obama Selfie, Handshake: Study

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

President Obama's handshake with Cuban president Raul Castro and his selfie with other world leaders at Nelson Mandela's memorial service made headlines on Tuesday. The stories prompted some critics to take issue with the media's focus on the two stories.

A Media Matters report on Wednesday indicated that those critics may have had a point. The organization found that coverage of Obama's handshake and selfie overshadowed the tribute to Mandela on cable news Tuesday evening.

CNN devoted twice as many segments to the handshake and the selfie (67 percent) than the actual memorial services (33 percent). Meanwhile, Fox News spent 65 percent of its segments on the two stories, while 55 percent of MSNBC's coverage focused on the handshake and selfie.

The coverage got plenty of criticism, from Jon Stewart's takedown to reactions on Twitter: