12/11/2013 05:20 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2013

Karen Perrin Claws Her Way Out Of Bathroom In 'Shawshank Redemption' Type Escape

Karen Perrin is Shawshank-ful to be out of her work bathroom.

The Washington, D.C. woman was working late at her job as an assistant at a "private family foundation" on Friday, according to MyFox Philly.

At around 10 p.m., just before she was ready to leave, Perrin used the bathroom. When she tried to leave, she noticed the door was locked.

"I panicked," Perrin said. "It was terrifying."

After more than two hours of trying unsuccessfully to find a way out, the claustrophobic Perrin told ABC News she used a rod to create a hole in the bathroom door large enough for her to reach through and unlock it.

"I thought about ‘Shawshank Redemption,’” Perrin said, referring to the 1994 classic with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.

"I came undone,” Perrin said. “I was crying. I felt like I was escaping a bad dream, like when you have a nightmare and you wake up and your heart is pounding and you realize, ‘Oh, I was just dreaming. Did that just happen. Am I OK?’”

Why the door was locked is still a mystery, but Perrin is OK and is taking a few days off.



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