12/11/2013 09:21 am ET

MoveOn Doubles Down On Social Security Fight

The liberal group MoveOn.org on Wednesday launched a new television advertisement calling on Congress to expand Social Security.

"Even with rising prices for seniors, politicians are pushing to cut Social Security," the narrator says. "Instead, we need to find ways to increase benefits."

"Turn the conversation around. Tell Congress to expand Social Security."

The ad will run on CNN and MSNBC in the Washington, D.C. market. While the five-figure ad buy is not particularly large, it is yet another sign that liberal groups are becoming emboldened to push for an expansion of Social Security.

Last week, a coalition of progressive groups struck back at the centrist Democratic think tank Third Way for denouncing a bill to raise Social Security benefits, as well as its most-high profile sponsor, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). Progressives also called on Democratic lawmakers who are affiliated with the group to cut ties with it and denounce the editorial.



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