12/12/2013 09:33 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Eugenio Freitas Caught Masturbating In The Meat Aisle Of UK Supermarket

Fortunately, the only meat he touched was his own.

Eugenio Freitas, 49, "fully intended" to go shopping at a local supermarket when he got extremely horny, became overwhelmed by his "excessive sexual drive," and began touching himself through his pants in the meat aisle, according to a UK court hearing. Closed circuit television recorded Freitas with his hands in his pockets for about 10 minutes.

A female employee at the Staffordshire supermarket saw Freitas, but did not realize that he was masturbating. She thought that he was merely "adjusting himself."

Caught red-handed, Freitas pleaded guilty to "outraging public decency." He was given a six month suspended sentence and banned from setting foot inside any UK supermarket without an adult chaperone.

Freitas was added to a sexual offender registry for seven years following another incident in 2010, where he exposed himself at a supermarket.

The presiding judge feared Freitas was at high risk of re-offending, according to the Stoke Sentinel.

"You told your probation officer you have a compulsion for masturbating in public," Judge Paul Glenn said in court. "You seem unable to identify and deal with the consequences of what you do."

Although it's not usually a case of self-pleasure, suspects in the U.S. have pulled their own antics in the meat aisle.

In July, a Louisiana man was arrested after stuffing steak down his pants and assaulting a supermarket employee. Store employees argued that the alleged "steak bandit" had tried to flee with some concealed choice cuts, and punched someone who tried to stop him.